3035 – OPIG Beer & Cycling

Other than my customary Saturday morning hangover, today I woke up with aching limbs – so I am feeling rather poor indeed.  The source of this pain, other than the five and a half pints of premium quality Lager, is the OPIG beer and cycling tour of Oxford (aptly named, “Le Tour de Farce”).  What can I say, over here they make you work for your beer.

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We started off at the Medawar building, where we sit on weekdays and occasionally on weekends. Then we cycled to The Fishes, The White Hart, The Trout (the Carne pizza is a must), yet another White Hart, and the vegetarian and vegan Gardener Arms (I know, I know – I was drunk and they forced me in here).  For those not familiar with Oxford custom – these are some of the most beautiful (and pricey) pubs this land has to offer.

OPIG members love a laugh and their beer on the cycling trip

OPIG members love a laugh and their beer on the cycling trip

The bike hike (devised by Charlotte) was 9.535 miles.  On 5.5 pints of beer (Nick spilt his pint, like an amateur – so I gave him half of mine), that means I run on 13.86 miles per gallon  (9.535 / 0.6875).  So I roughly have the fuel economy of a 2013 Ferrari 458 Spider.  Say what you want about these blog posts, but you cannot say I am not thorough about the research which goes on behind them.

9.5 miles in Malta

This is how far yesterday’s bike ride would have got me in my country (Malta).

This morning I have also noticed my calves are an inch thicker in diameter, which of course means I will go and throw away all my socks and make that long overdue trip to the bicester village.  Perhaps I will cycle there.

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