And the Oscar goes to …


I have a bet I can write a blog post in under 20 mins.  Last week I asked Leila Tamara where her blog post was (we aim to have one up every week) and she replied that “It was ready but hadn’t been proof-read yet“.  I guess it goes to show the diligence of the students here at Oxford.  (Some of them, anyway).

So as a Marie Curie Stars ITN Fellow, my time is coming to an end (in mid-September).  Part of my D.Phil was about finding novel anti-malarial inhibitors using computational methods (virtual screening).  No, we haven’t cured it yet.

During a conference in Riga we made a video about the project – I find it funny to see myself on screen, (and to hear my heavily accented commentary).  Pity the Oscars have already been dished out this year!

And a “making of” still

JP make-up


Warning: this post hasn’t been proof-read yet!


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