OPIG /ooohhh pig/
acronym, also used as a noun
Oxford Protein Informatics Group; research group in the statistics department at the University of Oxford focusing on aspects of protein modelling, homology modelling, membrane proteins, sequence alignment, anti-bodies, and drug-discovery.


Headed by Prof. Charlotte M. Deane; the background distribution of the 16-member team as of 03/02/2013 is as follows:


Oh, did I mention we like pies? And cake? Lots of cake… And we also like computer code; so here is the R which generated the above beaut.

# Pie Chart with Percentages
# members count
slices <- c(5, 3, 3, 2, 1, 1, 1) 
# labels
lbls <-   c("Computational Science /\n Informatics", "Biochemistry", "Chemistry", "Physics", "Engineering", "Mathematics", "Biology" )
pct <- round(slices/sum(slices)*100)
lbls <- paste(lbls, pct) # add percents to labels 
lbls <- paste(lbls,"%",sep="") # ad % to labels 
# save to file
# do the magic
pie(slices,labels = lbls, col=rainbow(length(lbls)), main="OPIG Members Background")

More detailed information about each one of us can be found on our members official page.

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