On being cool: arrows on an R plot

Recently I needed a schematic graph of traditional vs on-demand computing (don’t ask) – and in this hand waving setting I just wanted the axes to show arrows and no labels. ┬áSo, here it is:

x <- c(1:5)
y <- rnorm(5)
plot(x, y, axes = FALSE)
u <- par("usr") 
arrows(u[1], u[3], u[2], u[3], code = 2, xpd = TRUE) 
arrows(u[1], u[3], u[1], u[4], code = 2, xpd = TRUE)

And here is the output

Arrowed plot

(I pinched this off a mailing list post, so this is my due reference)

Next thing I am toying with are these xkcd like graphs in R here.

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